Open your Own Business! Franchising Introduction

Have you ever thought of opening your own business? Ever looked at that store down the street and went, I can do that! Well, you’re not alone and many of those stores you see are franchise concepts. You have of course heard of the huge concepts but what about the little, medium, and big ones, outside of the food industry? The world of Franchising is expansive covering over 30 industries with over 4,500 concepts.

Looking at just 2000 of those concepts in a study there were 38,983 new franchises sold. That means there was a franchise sale every 13 ½ minutes! There was over $1.6 Billion in franchise fees collected, where the average franchise fee was only $43,303. Concepts can range in initial investment from less than that to well over $1 million so no matter what your investment range is with due-diligence and our discerning eye we can find the right concept to make you successful.

Not sure where to start? That is what we are here for. As franchise brokers, it is our job to guide you along the way with industry knowledge, and a team of franchise-specific financial planners, CPA’s and lawyers. 

What is holding you back from:

  • Being your own Boss?
  • Creating freedom in your life?
  • Investing in your own future rather than your companies?
  • Following YOUR passion?

All it takes a brief conversation to start on your path to business success.