Dave Morgan, CA

I was interested in looking at entrepreneurial opportunities. Jennifer contacted me and from the start, she was very professional and very knowledgeable about becoming an entrepreneur. The evaluation tools were very effective and Jennifer’s ability to help me pick a few business to start a franchise was spot on. Jennifer was able to get me 3 companies that matched what I was looking for and got me in contact with the representatives from each company and Jennifer was there with me the whole time. She even helped me with looking at different finance options. She was very supportive and never applied any pressure what so ever and was very patient. I was waiting for the “catch” of how much it would cost for her help and there was never any charge for her help. She was always available when needed, she knew that this type of work was new for me and she sent me a book on her own for me to become familiar, I was very grateful! If you are interested in considering an entrepreneurial opportunity, I would highly recommend working with Jennifer as you can’t go wrong.