Jim Hopkins, CA

As luck would have it, a few months ago I was approached by Jennifer about exploring different franchise opportunities without any commitments or costs to me for her coaching process, and the timing was perfect. We began with her getting to know me not only from a professional background but from an understanding of what… Read more “Jim Hopkins, CA”

Jim Hopkins

Mitch Ervin, OH

Jennifer’s coaching sent my career transition in the right direction. When she contacted me, I had been researching franchises for several weeks and had become overwhelmed and frustrated. Jennifer’s coaching removed those issues, and with her assistance, I was able to find a business opportunity that fit my income, lifestyle, wealth, and equity goals. Thanks… Read more “Mitch Ervin, OH”

Mitch Ervin

Scot Horrobin

I worked with Jennifer evaluating entrepreneurial opportunities. The evaluation tools were effective and Jennifer’s ability to interpret my goals were very useful directing me toward potential opportunities. Jennifer’s style was supportive with no pressure. I was able to manage the pace of our progress. If you are interested in considering an entrepreneurial opportunity, I would… Read more “Scot Horrobin”

Scot Horrobin

Dave Morgan, CA

I was interested in looking at entrepreneurial opportunities. Jennifer contacted me and from the start, she was very professional and very knowledgeable about becoming an entrepreneur. The evaluation tools were very effective and Jennifer’s ability to help me pick a few business to start a franchise was spot on. Jennifer was able to get me… Read more “Dave Morgan, CA”

Dave Morgan

Rodrick Ang

I like Jennifer’s perspective in helping, navigate and guiding her clients through a self-soul searching journey into what is best for the clients. She is always caring to the client’s needs. She takes the time to know the clients and their needs which I admire. She then concentrates on what she believes will be suitable… Read more “Rodrick Ang”

Rodrick Ang

Richard Blackburn, CA

Jennifer and I worked together in early 2017. She helped me sort through options for starting a new business. Her process was predictable, strong on the follow-through, and as a result very helpful to me. Unlike some in her field, Jennifer was never pushing the ‘sale’, always appropriate in understanding that this would be a… Read more “Richard Blackburn, CA”

Richard Blackburn