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Jon’s Success Story

After building his career with a large corporation for 32 years, Jon found himself being downsized before the age he desired to retire.  He came to us with a deep desire to keep learning and growing personally and professionally.


After a few conversations with Jon, we became keenly aware that he had a deep desire to help young men grow in their skills and abilities through mentorship and employment.


We did a bit of research for the area Jon lived. We found a fantastic franchise that would allow him to use his management skills and abilities gained over 32 years in the corporate world as well as fulfill his desire to work with the younger generation.


When we look for a franchise that fits our client’s needs, skills and abilities we are also looking at the franchise from the inside.   We help our clients see the good, bad and ugly of each concept they are considering for their future. We are skilled at evaluating each franchise and find the things that they are required by the federal government to disclose and look past the marketing hype.


In the end, Jon decided to invest in a very stable service franchise that would allow him to use his management skills to hire and mentor young men to become great employees and skilled workers while he built a thriving business for his future wealth and equity growth.


After one year in business, Jon has grown and expanded his business by adding additional crews and neighboring territories.  We are so honored to be a part of Jon’s story in helping him find a franchise business that fit his goals and needs for his future.